The recent feature  in The New York Times Magazine about Ikaria, the island in Greece renowned for the longevity of its population, brought back wonderful memories of a two-week stay on that island, where I studied its cuisine and the cuisines of many of the other regions of Greece with the prolific Greek-American food writer Diane Kochilas. Diane’s family comes from Ikaria. She was born and raised in Queens, but during one of her many summer stays on the familial island, she fell in love with an Ikarian artist and photographer, Vassilis Stenos (you can see his amazing photography in her latest book, “The Country Cooking of Greece”), and eventually she moved to Greece. She and her family divide their time between Athens and Ikaria, and Diane spends a lot of time in New York, where she is the consulting chef at the Greek restaurants Boukies and Pylos.