Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The benefits of doing exercise and improving physical fitness with Todd Stockton

Physical fitness at Todd Stockton can be broken down into four individual parts. Each of these parts is important and often carries with it a specific health enhancement. While a large portion of physical fitness studies has dealt with cardio respiratory or aerobic fitness, there are smaller numbers of studies that clearly recognize the importance of the other components of fitness. More data from these less explored areas of study becomes available each year. First the benefits of aerobic exercise will be examined and then those of strength and flexibility training. There is convincing scientific proof that fitness and aerobic exercise can have a positive effect on the brain and specifically that exercise at toddstockton can help an individual better handle stress, depression and develop a better self concept.  Many Air Force personnel can be described as having Type-A personalities. In general, individuals with type-A personalities experience a hectic, rushed lifestyle. This can be described as aggressive, competitive, which is driven to prove them. The down side of possessing these personality traits is that it doubles one's chances of having a heart attack before age 65. A recent study demonstrated that middle-aged men placed on a 10-week exercise program showed a decrease in their Type A behavior, thereby proving that the traits of this personality type and its associated ill effects can be controlled with regular exercise.
Numerous studies have supported the fact that people feel better mentally when they participate in a regular exercise program. Studies conducted by different researchers in different universities and other learning institution all found measurable improvement in the psychological function of subjects who exercised. These test subjects showed decreased levels of anxiety, depression, fatigue and confusion. Most individuals also reported feeling better following exercise sessions. A study conducted at Bowling Green State University has also indicated that exercise toddstockton can help in improving memory and cognitive function. Physical fitness is positively associated with mental health and well-being. Exercise is associated with the reduction of stress emotions such as state anxiety. Exercise has been associated with decreased levels of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Neuromuscular tension, resting heart rate and some stress hormones. Physical fitness and regular exercise have also been proven to combat cardiovascular disease by positively affecting two of the three major risk factors of heart disease.
These two factors are high blood pressure and poor blood cholesterol levels. Overall, regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing hypertension and that once developed, an exercise program can aid in the treatment and control of the ailing. The second risk factor to heart disease is hypercholesterolemia, which are high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Blood cholesterol comes in two forms, low-density lipoproteins and high-density lipoproteins. That HDL levels were the best predictor of heart disease and that high levels of HDL were associated with a low risk of coronary disease.7 Studies have found that regular endurance exercise is associated with higher levels of HDL. In fact, burning 1,000 calories per week exercising toddstockton can produce changes in HDL levels. We can conclude that every individual needs to do exercise in order to attain good health and fitness.

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